cell dynamics for body & brain

delin bionics® reflector patch

  • Increases physical / mental performance
  • Improves regeneration
  • Supports wound healing

Good circulation is crucial for our health - at every moment

In our modern world, there are countless diseases that are due to or directly related to circulatory disorders. Therefore, it is important to promote and support blood circulation with simple means. DELIN BIONICS has the solution: the delin bionics® reflector patch - a class I medical device. It activates the regulatory mechanisms of microcirculation (fine blood flow) by self-stimulation of the body's cells - drug-free, without magnets and without frequencies. The products are integrated into everyday objects and can thus work 24 hours a day.

The delin bionics® reflector patch supports existing therapeutic measures in the area of regeneration, rehabilitation and wound healing and is also suitable for athletes for performance optimization and regeneration as well as for health-conscious people as a preventive measure.

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