The delin bionics® reflector patch variants C1, C2, C3 and C4 were registered with Swissmedic as a Class I medical device until the end of November 2023. Unfortunately, the personnel and financial effort required to meet the high regulatory requirements in order to maintain medical device registration is enormous. This is becoming more and more challenging, especially for smaller companies, and increasingly difficult to afford. After careful consideration, we have therefore decided to withdraw our registration as a medical device with Swissmedic at the end of November 2023. From this date, DELIN BIONICS GmbH will no longer supply medical devices (reflector patches C1 - C4)*.

The reflector patches will be available to youagain in future as health products in the usual quality and with the same mode of action . If you are interested, we will be happy to inform you as soon as the new product line is launched. Please register forour newsletter. We will keep you up to date.

* The products are still available from a few specialist retailers while stocks last.


DELIN BIONICS has developed a product for the drug-free promotion of blood circulation in the area of microcirculation. The delin bionics® reflector patch - a class I medical device - enhances the body's own natural regeneration mechanisms by reflecting the electromagnetic waves emitted by the body and radiating them back into the body. This demonstrably results in self-stimulation of the body's cells and thus activation of the finest blood circulation in the body - without magnets or electrical impulses from the outside and without chemical additives from the inside.

Our products are available in the following application variants:

Overlay patch
on wound dressing

supports the
wound healing
2 patches, 34 x 25 mm


For an optimal effect, we recommend using delin bionics® reflector patches only as a set (bed and shoes or bed and chair) as a first application, since it is especially important in the first weeks to use the products without interruptions (day and night). The basic product is the overlay patch on mattresses (C2) for the night. This supports regeneration during sleep. The perfect complement for the day are the applications for sedentary activities (overlay patch on seats - C3) and for walking or standing (shoe insole patch - C4).

Duration of the application

The more constant the body is in contact with the delin bionics® reflector patch, the more optimal the effect. Daily use is therefore recommended, ideally as a combination in bed, in shoes and on seats.

Durable application

Long-term use can demonstrably benefit from cumulative effects. Long-term use has a preventive effect and is optimal for good regeneration - so that you can achieve peak performance every day.


Oversaturation is not possible because the mechanism is based on self-stimulation of the body's cells....


The delin bionics® reflector patch is fixed on mattresses, seats or in shoes with the adhesive provided. Detailed information can be found in the instructions for use (see below).

Apply to the wound dressing with adhesive plaster tape.

Apply to the bandage / dressing with adhesive plaster tape.

Use the adhesive supplied or one suitable for the substrate in question ...

... on the spine axis or in the centre of the footbed.

Note: The use in pregnant or lactating women or in patients with circulatory diseases or diseases specifically related to microcirculation has not been systematically studied. In these cases, use should therefore only take place after consultation with the treating physician. physician. For further information, please read the instructions for use.